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New Developments

Advisory, Marketing and Sales


New Developments

Advisory, Marketing and Sales

Value-Add for Developers

Specializing in new small lot subdivision and condominium projects, the Matthew Hood Real Estate Group offers developers a full suite of advisory and sales services. Ideally, beginning early when the project is still just a vision being refined, we are available to share our expertise derived through working with buyers on a daily basis. With lengthy entitlement, design and construction lead times, trends must be spotted and understood early to allow their inclusion in the completed project. We assist in prioritizing design decisions based on their projected ROIs.

We like to be involved early because it makes our marketing and sales effort more successful later.  Months before the development's completion the marketing campaign has been planned and is ready for roll-out. Leveraged are the in-place media partnerships and public relations connections of Sotheby's, the world's preeminent real estate brand. Target market-appropriate social media strategies are applied and dedicated awareness-generating special events held. The goal is not just achieving a successful exit for the specific project but also to prepare for the next development by further enhancing your brand in the eyes of investors, lenders and future customers.

Please see below for the comprehensive set of services offered:


Having seen the world from a developer’s perspective, we fully understand the intense effort poured into every project. We bring to bear a marketing and sales campaign to match.


+ Market Intelligence

  • Market research on competing developments
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Forecasted unit pricing
  • Competitive analysis of key components which drive perceived customer value

+ Design Review

  • Architectural plan evaluation
  • Unit mix analysis and unit layout planning
  • Amenity programming

+ Branding & Marketing

  • Strategic marketing plan development (traditional & social media)
  • Preparation of marketing budget and schedule
  • Property brand development
  • Advertising campaign creation
  • Collateral material development

+ Public Relations

  • Public relations strategy leveraging Sotheby's global media relationships
  • Identification and negotiation of marketing partnerships
  • Creation of awareness-generating special events

+ Sales

  • Pricing strategy
  • Inventory release strategy
  • Sales center consultation (location, technology, design)
  • Model residence design
  • Comprehensive visitor traffic reporting